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Monday, May 25, 2009

Barbie Dolls- Baru & Original barbie

Date:18/6/09-Code no bd041-SOLD-Einyan
Date :7/8/09-code no Bd041-BOOKED-Nohziah

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Barbie - Magic Wings Mariposa (Brand New)-Harga Baru-ALL SOLD OUT...

Barbie- Magic wings Mariposa ( wing Spring Open for a "Magical" transformation !* When Mariposa ventures beyond the bright lights of her flutterfield home, she discovers the most powerful lesson of all......The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself!

Barbie doll baru dan Original

1. Date:6/6/09-code bd039-SOLD-Misha (P.Indah)

2. Date :13/6/09-Code no:bd039-SOLD-Mong Theng (PG)

3.Date : 19/6/09-code no :bd039-SOLD-Azleen(Selangor)

****ALL SOLD OUT-Thanks.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Intellectual ! Education ! Interesting!


Toy of the year mind challenging game

  • How is the prince going to find the princess????

  • Go Getter special with pathways on the border of the play-tray and a dragon on one of the puzzle pieces

  • intelligent and super-fun brain-teasing puzzle

  • 2x24 challengers and 1001 solutions ranging fromeasy to difficult

  • saize 24cm x24cm

60 puzzle chanllenge card with solution on back

ROAD BLOCK -Get the gangster! (Brand New)

  • 60 challengers-Easy to Expert

  • Block in the red car, in this blockbuster game!

  • The chase is on; block off allescape routes; don't let the car thief out run you. ZOOL ART KIT- Super Set Unlimeted Creative Building!!
  • With a difference the pieces move after kids put them together, so kids can play with their "ZOOL" assembled creations, instead of just looking at them

  • "ZOOL" assemble is based on the real-life systems, so its built-in educational value encourages kids to learn , explore ang create using the most important tool of all.their imaginations....

  • No limit to what they can build, from animal to aliens to car, from dinosaurs to DNA

Date :23/5/09-code no:t40-SOLD-Azleena

***Jika ada yang berminat ,masih ada stok namun stok amat terhad.....

Intelligence Blocks-(Bending , Linking & Interludes)

  • Flexible plastic film

  • Bending , through various interludes

  • can connect to diffrent shape

  • New feeling more play rich culture of thinking

  • 42 pcs.

Date :23/05/09-code no:t039-SOLD-Azleena

* Jika ada yang masih berminat...stok masih ada namun amat terhad...

PLAYSKOOL-Magnetic Capital Letters
* semua produk Playskoll sudah kehabisan stok...jika ada saya akan maklumkan....kesulitan ini amat dikesali....

Date:22/05/09-Code no :t038-SOLD-Damia Hannah-Perak

PLAYSKOOL-Magnetic Numbers

Date:22/05/09-code no:t037-SOLD-Damia Hannah-Perak

PLAYSKOOL-Stack & Nest Barrels

Date:21/5/09-code no:t036-SOLD-Damia Hannah -Perak

PLAYSKOOL- Stack & Nest Cubes

Date:2 4/o5/09-code no:to35-SOLD-Noraida (Pahang)

Intellectual Picture Puzzle-Helping You Become Cleverer!

Blocks -perbagai bentuk dan saiz...lebih daripada 350pcs