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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting Mini Driver ,Magical Ball and Activity Table (Shape Sorting Table)

Interesting Mini Driver*Gambar dikeluarkan
  1. Date :31/7/09-code no t107-SOLD-Iffah
  2. Date :2/8/09-code no t107-SOLD-Norida

Magical Intenect Ball
Size = 20cm x 20cm
  1. Date 31/7/09-code no t106-SOLD-Iffah

Magic Ball 360

size = 12cm x 12cm

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toys...code no t101-t103)

Size = 13cm x 20cm

  1. Date :29/7/09-code no t103-SOLD-Effie
  2. Date :17/8/09-code no t103-SOLD-Akma

CASH REGISTER:- *Gambar dikeluarkan
Size =15cm x 28cm

  1. Date :29/7/09-code t102-SOLD-Effie
  2. Date :30/7/09-code t102-SOLD-MT
  3. Date: 31/7/09-code no t102-SOLD-Iffah

  • Iron Board = 10cm x 30cm
  • Iron = 7.5cm x 15cm
  • spray bottle = 10cm x 6cm
  • basket =4cm x 6cm
  • Hanger = 4cm x 7cm
  1. Date 5/8/09-code no :t101-SOLD-Nor Arissa
  2. Date 11/8/09-code no ;T101-SOLD-Bay
  3. Date 13/8/09-code no :t101-SOLD-Faith

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun to Learn and Play

Wobbly Chef
Date :12/11/09-code no t100-SOLD-Girlie *Gambar dikeluarkan

Pull Along 4 in 1 Busy Snail
Size =18cm x 20cm
  1. Date:28/7/09-code no t099-SOLD-Misa
  2. Date:17/8/09-code no t099-BOOKED-Akma

ABC Toys size =21cm x 23.5cm

Date 21/8/09-code n t098-BOOKED-Ana

ABC Train
Pull along action can rotating (Block-360 rotating )
Size=10cm x 35cm

  1. Date:7/8/09-code no t097-SOLD-Nohzah

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jom kita main masak masak...

4 in 1 -Kitchen Mini (box size= 44cm x 32cm)
Kitchen Play Set (box size =23cm x 22cm)
With light and music
  1. Date :22/8/09-code no t093-BOOKED-Ana
Cooking Play Set (box size = 32cm x 30cm)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Play and Learn-code no t089-t091

Fancy Caterpillar :

  • The feelers flash
  • With music
  • Univesal moving
  • When moving, the head sways from side to side and the eyes and the tongue work at one time.
  • moving hand and feet
  • the body flexes when moving
  • size =19 cm x 28cm
  • Quantity=1

Intelligence train
  • Help develops the child cognitin and begins ability
  • with light & music
  • can move
  • size =8cm x 35cm
  • Quantity=1

Play & learn-Music maker

  • with light and music
  • Press the learning key you will hear the sound and the name of the animal in both English and music. (example :-moooo - cow)
  • size=18cm x 33cm
  • quantity=1

Date 24/1/10-code no t089-BOOKED-Ina

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fisher-Price (preloved steering wheel)

  • condition - almost new
  • music n lights function well

Date 23/7/09-code no t088-SOLD-Suzy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter skateboard & Wall Game

Letter skateboard
  • Spelling Match-Use the skateboard letter of alphabet game.put together the single phrase
  • Letter skateboard-make the skates bump each other, the one which can stand at last shich is the winner
  • 26 letters (size = 8cm x5cm
  • box size= 66cm x 50cm

Humpty Dumpty Wall Game

  • Build the wall
  • Remove the bricks
  • becareful !! Don't let the Humpty Dumpty fall. The loser is the player who makes Humpty Dumpty fall.
  • Box size = 16cm x 16cm
  1. Date :23/7/09-code no :t086-SOLD-Sheral
  2. Date: 24/07/09-code no:t086-SOLD-catlina
  3. Date:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tengoklah.... heheh tak tahu nak letak tajuk apa daaaah.....(Brand New)

Cik Nab*Gambar dikeluarkan
  1. Date :22/7/09-code no:t085-SOLD-Norsabtuah
  2. Date :24/7/09-code no:t085-SOLD-Catlina
Si K *Gambar telah dikeluarkan
  1. Date 21/7/09-code no t084-SOLD-Norsabtuah

Si Jey *Gambar Telah dikeluarkan
  1. Date 21/7/09-code no t083-SOLD-Norsabtuah
  2. Date 21/7/09-code no t083-SOLD-Misha
Si Ven *gambar telah dikeluarkan
  1. Date 21/7/09-code no:082-SOLD-Nana
Si MO MO *Gambar telah dikeluarkan
SOFT TOYS *Gambar Telah dikeluarkan
Date 21/07/09-ALL (t076-t080)-SOLD-cik SU =16 unit (4 birthday party)

Baby Lively-Blue and Pink

Baby Lively (Blue and Pink)
Box size=40cm x 32cm
doll size = 40cm x 14cm

  1. Date 28/7/09-code no: t075-SOLD-Ila
  2. Date 22/8/09-code no t074-SOLD -Eva
  3. Date 5/9/09-code no:t075-SOLD-Misha

Mini Driver and Cute Stand Walker (BRAND NEW)

Mini Driver (with light & sound)-***Gambarnya telah dikeluarkan
  1. Date 21/7/09-t073-SOLD-Theresa
  2. Date 21/7/099-t073-SOLD-sue
  3. Date 29/7/09-t073-SOLD-Iena
Cute Stand Walker (43cm x 40cm)
Quantity =1